About Us

What Camp Adventure TM Child and Youth Services Does:

Camp Adventure™ Child and Youth Services is a service-learning program focused on providing high-quality, high-impact services for children and youth worldwide. Blending practice with theory, Camp Adventure™ offers you an opportunity to plan and implement child development programs, school-age services and activities for middle-schoolers and teens. The Camp Adventure™ Child and Youth Services program recruits, interviews and trains college and university students for its world-wide youth development programs.

Development is an important component of the Camp Adventure™ Child and Youth Services program. Camp Adventure™ Child and Youth Services affords you the opportunity to develop leadership and management skills, enhance your global awareness and promote greater cultural sensitivity. Students participating in summer programs are provided with an opportunity to extend their classroom learning through Camp Adventure™ College. This development program provides students with opportunities to develop leadership skills, as well as acquire knowledge regarding child and youth development, behavior management, risk management, conflict resolution, youth programming and values/character development.

Directors Training

A Note from our Founder

The University of Northern Iowa’s Camp Adventure™ Child and Youth Services program provides an extraordinary opportunity for university and college-age students to participate in a worthwhile and valuable service learning experience. We welcome your interest and participation in the Camp Adventure™ Child and Youth Services program. We are an educational organization. The Camp Adventure™ Child and Youth Services program professional staff is made up of a number of caring, committed, and competent individuals dedicated in their service to children and youth. The Camp Adventure™ Child and Youth Services program provides a wide array of opportunities to serve children and youth, integrate theory with practice, develop new knowledge, skills and competencies, as well as to be a part of a worthwhile endeavor. Camp Adventure™ Child and Youth Services program is noted for its dynamism, zest, energy, and enthusiasm, as well as commitment to quality and excellence.

Your participation in the Camp Adventure™ Child and Youth Services program can make a difference in the lives of others, and to help you discover your inner talents and abilities.

We hope that you find the opportunity to participate in Camp Adventure™ Child and Youth Services a valuable one, and look forward to you involvement!

Best wishes,

Dr. E

Christopher R. Edginton, Ph.D.
Founder Camp Adventure™ Child and Youth Services


At Camp Adventure™ Child and Youth Services our vision is a simple one. "…We create magic moments and treasured experiences for children and youth that last a lifetime." Magic occurs when reality exceeds one’s expectations.

It is the commitment of each and every individual to this simple statement that has distinguished the Camp Adventure™ Child and Youth Services program from other similar efforts. We have been able to produce an extraordinary level of success, excellence, and caring for children and youth as a result of the efforts of those that have participated in the program.

In order to produce high quality, high impact services for children and youth, we strive on a daily basis to make the experience better than the day before. To accomplish our common vision, all staff is committed to operating with sensitivity and caring for others, a strong commitment to thorough planning, and serving as positive role models for children and youth. Camp Adventure™ Child and Youth Services has been successful because of the positive attitudes individuals bring to the endeavor resulting in a high level of commitment, dedication and excellence.

Mission Statement

Camp Adventure™ Child and Youth Services is committed to enriching and enhancing the well-being of children and youth. Our theme, "Catch the Magic", suggests zeal, energy and enthusiasm. We will reach out with warmth, sincerity and genuine interest to those we serve.


We are committed to pursuing excellence in all of our endeavors. It is our desire to provide activities, programs and services that observe the highest standards of quality, creativity and safety. It is our intent to create a camp environment which emphasizes the joy of sharing, the thrill of discovery and the fun of companionship. We are dedicated to expanding the horizons of those we serve by enhancing and enriching their social, physical and emotional well-being.


We are dedicated as professionals to operating with integrity, pride, and sensitivity. We are committed to one another and to each other's success. Our team effort will be built on our dedication and commitment to the ideals of our theme, CATCH THE MAGIC!


Camp Adventure™ Child and Youth Services

will be an environment of

magic and delight,

joy and laughter,

wonder and discovery,

fellowship and


learning and sharing,

and pride and achievement.

Values and Traditions


"We Value Excellence"

  • We strive to produce the impossible; our staff has few preconceived notions. If they believe it can be done, it happens.

  • We value an individual’s commitment, motivation and dedication.

  • Excellence is an attitude that results in superior performance.


"We Care about Kids"

  • Our bottom line is our front line leaders.

  • We promote positive, caring child/leader interactions.

  • Sincerity, genuineness and caring are our hallmarks.


"We are all Part of the Camp Adventure™ Family "

  • Teamwork, as reflected by caring, sharing, and helping one another, is a hallmark of the program.

  • Any group of people that work together as a team are far more successful than people operating individually.

  • We protect one another by looking out after each person’s interests, needs and respecting their personal concerns.


"Well-Planned Means Well Executed"

  • We believe in complete and thorough planning as a prelude to program implementation.

  • Our attention to detail reflects our commitment through planning.

  • There is no substitute for planning; it is the keystone to success.


"We Create Magic Moments"

  • Our goal is to create magic moments for children that last a lifetime.

  • We strive to produce fun, joyful, exhilarating and treasured experiences.


"Today’s Children are Tomorrow’s Leaders"

  • Our staff members serve as positive role models for children.

  • Positive, powerful, play activities that develop leadership skills are our focus.


"Our Contractors are Our Partners"

  • We strive to produce mutually beneficial services.

  • We Value those we work with and seek their professional expertise and knowledge to enhance services.

  • We strive to create a win/win situation with our partners.


"The Camp Adventure™ Name Means Quality"

  • Our name is a guarantee of quality services.

  • Extensive planning and staff development produce quality experiences for our partners.

  • We produce high quality, high impact services that make a difference in children’s lives.


"Enthusiastic and Energetic Leadership"

  • Our staff is dynamic, moving, energetic and committed.

  • Camp Adventure ™ staff are high on life, high on kids.


"Camp Adventure ™ is Innovative and Creative"

  • We believe our success stems from commitment to innovation.

  • Creativity is encouraged in all of our spontaneous and planned programs.

  • Camp Adventure ™ is never the same from one year to the next; it is constantly evolving to meet the needs of kids today, as well as the needs of our partners.


"We Believe in the Power of Play"

  • Play is enriching, it helps enhance and sustain life.

  • Our social play environments emphasize fun and laughter, joy and delight, adventure and discovery.

  • Play is a shared experience between children and leaders.


"You Have to Earn It to Wear It"

  • Our staff earns the right to wear their Camp Adventure ™ uniforms by affirming our values.

  • They train diligently and must demonstrate a high level of competence.

  • They must demonstrate their commitment to the ideals of the program.