Benefits of Participation

Participation Benefits

Practical Experience with Children and Youth

Practical experience is gained in working with children and youth that will build your practical and theoretical knowledge and your resume.

Developing your Skills

The program provides an opportunity to learn new skills and competencies in working with children and youth as you design and implement a summer program curriculum.

Engaging in Worthwhile Work

Providing service to others is an extraordinary way of giving of yourself. The effort you make creates meaningful opportunities and experiences for others.

Cultural Experiences

By traveling to other countries, you have an opportunity to learn about other people and their culture, broadening your horizons.

Developing New Friendships

The program provides a great opportunity for developing meaningful relationships with your peer counselors. Staff selected from throughout the United States reflect the diversity of our country.

Compensations and Financial Benefits

Although Camp Adventure™ Child and Youth Services does not offer participants a wage, we do support every individual's living expenses, including the cost of food, lodging, and miscellaneous items. Further, transportation to and from the site is included, as well as 12 hours of credit primarily paid by an unfunded scholarship for a net rate of $648. The total benefit package (airfare, lodging, funds for food, and credits) annually exceeds $4,000 for every staff member.

Financial benefits include:

  • Airline travel to and from your program site provided, cost free, by Camp Adventure™
  • You will receive housing on or near the military location where you will be completing your internship, at no cost, for the duration of your program.
  • You will receive a living stipend of $25 per day that you are on-site for your internship, including weekends. This is for food and incidental expenses.
  • 12 credit hours from the University of Northern Iowa for a cost of $648