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Program Partners

We have programs on partnering universities from across the country! If you would like to find out more about one of our partnering universities, please visit their websites below. If you are located near or on one of our partnering universities campus' and would like more information on how to become involved, please send them an email. 

California State Unviversity, Sacramento -

Florida A&M University -

Iowa State University - 

University of California, Davis -

University of Iowa -

University of Oregon -

University of



Available Programs

We have a variety of programs available to suit the interest and needs of our program participant and our contract partners. Below is a break down of the two different types of season and the available programs throughout the various seasons. 

Summer Season

  • Typically 10 - 14 weeks in length
  • Departing approx. end of May returning approx. end of August
  • Semester long training required prior to departure to the field
  • Various programs for students to work with in the field
  • Largest group of students in the field for the year

Fall/Spring Internship Season

  • Typically 10 -17 weeks in length
  • Primarily CDC programs 
    • A few sites that work with before and after school programs
  • Some programs arrive in Jan/Aug. and return in Mar-April/Oct-Nov. 
  • Some programs arrive Mar-April/Oct-Nov. and return in May/Dec.


Available Program Placements

  • Day Camp (Mainly Summer/ Minimal Year Round Placements) 

Our Day Camp programs focus on working with children in school age care settings. We provide a wide variety of high active, low active, and educational based learning activities during the summer break. Students have the opportunities to use their programming resources, problem solving skills, behavior management techniques, and classroom management practices, all while making magic moments with the children and other center staff. 

  • Child Development Center (Year Round Placements)

Our Child Development Center (CDC) programs focus on working with children ages six weeks to five years. We provide a wide ranges of activities from high active to low active games, gross/fine motor skills, family style dining techniques, circle time programing, and diapering/feeding procedures. Students will have the opportunity to learn and understand the ins and outs of running a CDC classroom, programming for child development ages, make lasting connections with the children and families we serve.   

  • Middle School Teen (Summer Only)

Our Middle School Teen (MST) programs focus on working with children ages 10 - 18 in a middle school/teen facility. While in the facility, students will have the opportunity to engage in a wide range of free choice activities, planned art, STEM/STEAM, sport, and educational based activities. 

  • Aquatics (Summer Only)

Our Aquatic programs focus primarily on teaching American Red Cross swim lessons to all ages. Some programs also assist with lifeguarding at the various facilities they are located. Students will have the opportunity to learn how aquatic facilities are operated, collaborate with onsite guards during day to day operations, maintain important emergency action plan procedures. While teaching swim lessons, students will be able to teach valuable life skills to swim lesson participants, use personal behavior management skills, classroom management techniques, and problem solving skills to ensure the participants are safe in and around the water. 

  • Sport/Fit Camp (Summer Only)

Our Sport and Fit programs are focused on helping children and youth learn various skills, develop fitness, sportsmanship, self-confidence, and healthy living techniques in a fun, safe, team environment. Students will have the opportunity to coach children and youth through various drills, program sport and fitness specific material, develop program and group specific lessons, all while mentoring the children to live fit, healthy life styles.